Been working on the redesign for the site. Making it a little more fun to browse thru the collection. There will be much more content coming as soon as it is complete.

Today is the first day of the redesign going live! Not only is it a better experience on mobile, but the audio will play on mobile as well! I have also added some found 35mm slides to start sharing my collection of those with you.

Thank you to all the friends and future friends that have been following this project, as it means a lot to me. I am very happy to be sharing my collection with everyone as I plan to start posting weekly and sharing all of the audio/visual treasures I have found over the years. Thank you for joining me.

Pickwick has released their debut album, ‘Can’t Talk Medicine’! Recorded in the living room of the house we were living at the time, well they still live there, but I have since moved. The album is terrific and features some audio from my collection. I would strongly encourage you to go check it out! Album info here.

Clips from my collection are being used in Pickwick promotional videos.

Clip 1 “Ruins” – View here.
Clip 2 “The Endor Sessions” – View here.

A piece from this collection was recently played on BBC Radio 4 during a program called “Short Cuts”.
You can read a review, from The Guardian UK, here.